Angular Contact Ball Bearings


Available in P4,P3 and P2 precision grade with 15° and 25° contact angles. Steel balls as standard. Universally ground for interchangeable mounting arrangements or in dedicated matched bearing sets. 40 ° contact  angle are manufactured to P5 and P6 precision grades, universally ground with axial clearances of UO,UA  and UL.
Series available :
7000, 71800, 71900, 7200, 7300

Ceramic Ball (Hybrid) Bearings


Designed for high-speed, high rigidity applications. As ceramic balls are considerably lighter and harder than steel balls, they can run at higher speeds and lower temperatures. This leads to less heat generation, less energy and longer lubricant life.

Cronidur (X-Life Ultra)


Designed for maximum demands on speed, ability and load. Consisting of rings manufactured from Cronidur 30, (a high nitrogen stainless steel) and ceramic balls. The ring material exhibits substantially finer structure ensuring cooler operation and higher contact pressures leading to longer fatigue life.

Sealed Bearings


Sealed and grease using non-contact seals these bearings offer optimum performance in challenging applications. Eliminating contamination and cost effective due to pre-greasing, leading to time saved in preparation.

ATCoat Coating


Precision angular contact bearings with a thin dense Chromium coating, protecting the surface from environmental conditions which increases the service life of the bearings.

Direct Lubrication Version


Designed for maximum speed where radial oil lubrication systems are featured. As a rule the use of DLR (Direct Lube) bearings results in a reduction of running costs and proves more reliable than systems using axial oil.